Shine the Brightest This Christmas Season with the Best Digital Marketing Tips

By: Green Genie SEO, your Buffalo SEO

With Christmas just around the corner, business owners know that this is the perfect time to take their marketing strategies to a higher level to get more sales and entice more new customers on this festive season.

Competitors are going head to head at this time of the year, which is why brands make sure that they stay on top of the game in terms of their campaigns to ensure that they bag the biggest market share. 

Months or weeks before the big day, businesses use different digital marketing strategies to boost their sales. These can include email marketing, social media, and various special deals, competitions, and campaigns. 

If you want to have a successful marketing plan this Christmas, below are some of the best tips you have to keep in mind:

Unleash Your Creativity 

Use some creative keywords that can improve your SEO efforts. The key to engage customers is interesting content, so quality matters, and it matters a lot.

You can find keywords with the help of Google Adwords but see to it that your content is topnotch. If the need arises, you can always hire a professional and expert content writer to do the job for you. 

Get Noticed 

As there are thousands of businesses out there, it is imperative to make surely stand out from the crowd with the use of a USP. You can put this I the meta-description of your content.

Add perks and deals in your keywords to get the interest of more new customers, including discounts and free delivery. It can improve traffic and ranking. Push this on social media to give it an extra boost. 

Don’t Forget Your Updates

See to it that your content is updated regularly to show your customers that you stay current and are in the now. Get their attention through posting updates in the form of blogs. Check your posts in the past that were successful then determine the reason for their high rank. Use these ranking factors in adding to new content on your site. 

Set Up Your Own Profile in Google My Business

Being part of Google My Business gives users further details on SERPs every time they search for your business. This is easy and quick to do.

This features posts which last for a week that make it ideal for guides, products, events, and more. Sorting it out can also help with your local SEO strategy. 

Use Trends in Google Search

Stay up to date by checking the current trends. There are some phrases and terms that peak during Christmas season, and Google Trends can help you here.

Target phrases with high volume where competition is difficult, or you can choose phrases with lower volume with not so strong competition.  Christmas will always be a crucial time for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and sales usually spike during this season.

See to it that you get the best out of the season through following the above digital marketing tips, and make your business a name to remember this 2017. 


A Precise Lowdown of SEM and SEO Marketing Strategies

Search engine optimization or SEO strategies are used to up the levels of the natural visibility of a website. It is cost-efficient as it doesn’t cost a website owner anything to do this. Except for maintenance, effort, and time.

Google always have new updates with the algorithms used to rank websites accordingly on results pages. This affects the SEO marketing strategy in terms of websites having to keep up with continuously updating the relevance of the keywords at all times. This is why the effort and time needed to maintain the success of this strategy is important.

How Does This Work?

Search engine crawlers like Google begin to familiarize the search engine results by using the searcher’s query based on the keywords from the query. This is achieved by website owners using relevant keywords related to the niche of their website.

Search Engine Marketing Strategies

Search engine marketing or SEM strategies are a similar tool like SEO except this strategy uses pay-per-click. This is sometimes referred to as PPC. The SEM strategy is highly effective and produces the results expected by website owners as it brings in traffic fast.

This sudden surge in traffic increases the website’s ranking on search engine results pages. After all, this is what the website owner is paying for. Initially, the investment into this sort of strategy is expensive so you would have to weigh up a few factors to determine if it’s a strategy to use first before an SEO strategy.

Reaping The Benefits

Both Marketing tools have the same goal in mind. The goal is to lure in directed traffic, both free and paid, to provide the solutions and information online readers are looking for. The difference is each strategy uses their own methodologies to ensure optimal visibility in search engine results pages.

However, taking advantage of both advertising strategies increases the website’s exposure in the results pages either way. One strategy is just more time consuming than the other strategy which is at a cost but produces quicker results.


The Innovational Boost SEM Can Bring To Your Website!

Search engine marketing is all about targeting the right market for any particular website. It is also one of the many sub-categories that make up internet marketing. This kind of marketing brings in a quick flow of traffic directed at a website. There are two ways in which this can be achieved.

Two Types of SEM

Free Traffic

Traffic is brought in through Google’s crawlers which pick up relevant keywords pertaining to different websites. The more relevant the keywords from a website are in a particular searcher’s query, the higher-ranking a website will be. Bear in mind, this is more the work of search engine optimization here.

Paid Traffic

Website businesses will pay Google to feature their website advertisements at the top of a search engine results page. Simply, they pay to get pushed to the top by means of Paid Search Advertising.

Paid Search Advertising is done by either using Google Analytics or Google Adwords. It is also referred to as Pay-Per-Click advertising. These campaigns work really well in terms of raking in volumes of traffic fast but it is initially quite expensive.

Search engine algorithms are frequently changing which drastically affects anything related to search engine optimization. It’s the other way around for search engine marketing though. This means that any Pay-Per-Click advertising is not affected and continues to stay in the high ranks of search engine results pages.

SEM Methodologies

Search engine marketing works extremely well if you are catering to the right target market. This includes producing web content that engages your readers and also meets their needs. There are five additional methods which SEM makes use of to provide you with your website’s high ranking.

The analysis of:

  • Suitable and mainstream keywords which best describe the website’s products and services.
  • Website presence on search engines which is determined by the number of site pages indexed by Google.
  • The use of analytic and validity tools.
  • Query and response tools.
  • An overall check which determines whether a website is mobile-friendly or not.

For the perfect online advertising strategy, you should consider using a combination of SEM and SEO for optimum results!

SEO – The Free-For-All Marketing Tool

SEO is a part of search engine marketing which makes up one of the many sub-categories of web marketing. SEO is a marketing strategy which entails advancing one’s website to achieve higher rankings in search engines.

What Is SEO?

There are two sides to the SEO sub-category; On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO.


Here, rules are applied on a website, such as a blog, making it search engine-friendly. This can be achieved by using catchy titles, creative descriptions, sub-headings usage, relevant size and layout of images, and many more features.


This kind of SEO is about link building from other websites. Being linked by other reputable websites in the form of votes indicates to search engines that your website is legitimate. Basically, the more link building present, the higher the rankings will be for your website.

Natural results which appear on search engine results pages are free traffic as opposed to paid website appearances like PPC advertising. Ideally, the optimal results for your website should appear in the top five results.

Google Indexing Of Your Website

Search engine optimization aids search engines in indexing your website very quickly. Below, is a brief overview of how you can use SEO to benefit wholly your website.


A searcher will type a query into a search engine thus resulting in several relevant results on one page. These results are calculated according to a search engine algorithm which uses relevancy with the query and your website content.

Content Quality

All website content must be well written and informative. It’s all about the ultimate user experience which includes using user-friendly keywords as well as making easy site navigation.

Internal Linking

Providing internal links within your written content allows users to have additional reading resources. It also allows you to link other posts relevant to your post. Ultimately, this speeds up the Google indexing process too.

Meta Descriptions

These descriptions may improve your search engine results page ranking. However, it is vital that you keep this paragraph short as it is shown under your website URL. It has to be clear, concise, and relevant!