SEO – The Free-For-All Marketing Tool

SEO is a part of search engine marketing which makes up one of the many sub-categories of web marketing. SEO is a marketing strategy which entails advancing one’s website to achieve higher rankings in search engines.

What Is SEO?

There are two sides to the SEO sub-category; On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO.


Here, rules are applied on a website, such as a blog, making it search engine-friendly. This can be achieved by using catchy titles, creative descriptions, sub-headings usage, relevant size and layout of images, and many more features.


This kind of SEO is about link building from other websites. Being linked by other reputable websites in the form of votes indicates to search engines that your website is legitimate. Basically, the more link building present, the higher the rankings will be for your website.

Natural results which appear on search engine results pages are free traffic as opposed to paid website appearances like PPC advertising. Ideally, the optimal results for your website should appear in the top five results.

Google Indexing Of Your Website

Search engine optimization aids search engines in indexing your website very quickly. Below, is a brief overview of how you can use SEO to benefit wholly your website.


A searcher will type a query into a search engine thus resulting in several relevant results on one page. These results are calculated according to a search engine algorithm which uses relevancy with the query and your website content.

Content Quality

All website content must be well written and informative. It’s all about the ultimate user experience which includes using user-friendly keywords as well as making easy site navigation.

Internal Linking

Providing internal links within your written content allows users to have additional reading resources. It also allows you to link other posts relevant to your post. Ultimately, this speeds up the Google indexing process too.

Meta Descriptions

These descriptions may improve your search engine results page ranking. However, it is vital that you keep this paragraph short as it is shown under your website URL. It has to be clear, concise, and relevant!

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